Tuesday, April 5, 2016

An Earth Day Product Showcase

Hi there! My new role as mommy has been something! It's been the most awesome, tiring, beautiful, trying, yet perfectly beautiful 4 weeks one could ask for. I'm looking forward to loving on my precious baby girl. Here is a picture of my little bambino. Look at those chubby little cheeks! She has my whole heart.
I'd love to help you tackle some of your April planning. It's the Speducation Connection can help you with your Earth Day literacy and math centers. The centers range from minimal to no prep and are sure to provide engaging and fun learning opportunities for your students. That's what we're all looking for, am I right? Today I'd like to showcase my Earth Day Syllable Fun product. It's available for purchase over at my teachers pay teachers store.
My students love tackling their "Syllable Fun" work in word work and vocabulary centers. This product has 64 image and vocabulary cards to sort among 1 to 4 syllable headers. That's 4 sets of learning fun! Students in my lower skills group use the image cards as we discuss what the object is, identify the function of the object, and complete the matching template. Students in my higher skill group use the vocabulary cards and take an extra step by making connections to tell me what they know about the object. They love sharing their experiences, and when they are actually on topic, this little teacher's heart smiles! With all 64 cards and 4 templates, you can complete this activity over the course of a week, or in one session! Here are some of the cards and the headers below.
To make it hands on for those who need that kinesthetic touch, I use manipulatives to make the learning concrete. Saying the word, clapping,coloring, and remembering each step can be a bit much for some students. For my kidos who really struggle I provide them counters or cubes to say the word and pull down a cube each time they say a syllable. Once they finish, they have a visual of how many boxes to color under the correct words on the recording form!
Once my differentiated groups have completed their activities, we all come together and play a matching game with the image and vocabulary cards in this product. This is a great way to promote group collaboration and student led learning. My students take turns playing "teacher," while the others respectfully agree or disagree throughout individual and group turns. We're also pairing an image with each word which really helps those students with limited vocabulary.
Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this product showcase and that you'll stop back by the blog soon for more! If you liked this post and would like to become a member of the It's the Speducation Connection blog, please feel free to become a member. I'd love to collaborate with you here in this little corner of the web. Let's get the discussion going! Please feel free to comment below. xoxo: Micala @ it's the speducation connection


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