Friday, March 18, 2016

Intervention Anyone?

Reading comprehension and mathematics are closely knitted in the web of academics. If your daily experiences are like mine, you’ll find that many students who struggle with reading and literacy find it quite difficult to solve word problems. A student’s inability to read and comprehend text impacts his or her ability to read and solve word problems independently. Talk about major frustration for young learners.
Pairing literacy activities within the math lesson can help students recognize the interconnectedness of Reading and Math. I pair a close read graphic organizer with math word problems to help my students organize information, and think like mathematicians. Students must learn to identify key information, important numerals, think strategy, and write equations.It also helps to get them talking about math!
My leveled Math Basics: Word Problems Intervention Editions are designed with busy teachers in mind. They are available for sell now over at the speducation connection on Teachers Pay Teachers. This resource is great for general education teachers who are looking for a solid research based intervention to add to existing Response to Intervention (RTI) data. It is also great for the SPED teacher who needs something challenging yet straightforward and systematic for learners with learning disabilities and skill deficits. There are 22 tasks (my students feel like such big kids hearing that word), to complete within the time frame you choose. These products also come with progress monitoring forms. As you complete these forms over time, you’ll be able to note learning trends to help you plan and inform further instruction. It’s also great evidence of differentiation and research-based teaching in your classroom! In this post I’m showing images from the Level 2: Spring Edition.
You can get Task 1 by visiting the grab a freebie section here on this blog. If you'd like to have this resource in your classroom, visit the speducation connection store. What ways do you support your students who struggle with completing math word problems due to reading deficits? I’d love to hear from you.


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